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Anything you do as a marketer gets evaluated by people’s reactions.

We begin right there and reverse engineer the process.

First we put a lot of thinking to understanding your goals and your product or service.

We make sure we have answers to questions like:

  • Is there something unique in it?
  • Why should people buy it and not what your competitors offer?
  • What emotions does it arouse?

We use these answers to craft and communicate the right message.

Then we figure out the proper way to start the conversation with your clients.

Does your company have the knowledge and experience, but lack the capacity to combine creativity, efficiency, and attention to detail?

We can launch a streamlined production process for all communication channels and from that moment you’re in good hands.

We’ll go hand in hand with your brand, because that is what partners do.

You know the feeling of being new in the neighbourhood and not knowing anyone, don’t you? Yeah, could be better. So don’t let your customers feel the same. Running direct marketing is like having a relationship with thousands of people and everyone should feel taken care of.

KISS loves the fact that right now it’s in literally millions of great relationships. Are you in a bad one? We can help with that too.

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And maybe you’re in a process of creating a brand?

Oh, we know that’s a weird state. You’re full of hopes and dreams but usually also full of uncertainty.

We love to take these uncertainties, dismantle them, and put everything back together the right way.

A beautiful, lively, and bold brand emerges in the process and everybody’s happy. We call it brand design.

Different businesses, same - high quality

We work with little startups and huge corporations from many business areas

They chose us:

  • I can fully recommend programming services provided by KISS digital. During our cooperation, not only have we fulfilled our plans in their entirety, but we have also learned a great deal. Our recommendation of KISS digital is based on our appreciation for their professionalism and phenomenal contact during introducing new topics. Most importantly, though, they are a solid partner and a true guarantor of reliability and high quality. We also have to thank their team for all the help and involvement in creating yet another great project. We hope that their help will be instrumental to the success of our operation and will allow us to reap the benefits of our actions.

    Daniel Gosiewski

  • KISS digital helped us in creating a sales support system for Wedel’s trading partners. KISS was responsible for both printed promotional materials used during the launch of the programme, as well as creating the platform for participants. Thanks to the experience and involvement of KISS digital’s employees the system is intuitive and easy to use for the participants. Also, a dedicated CMS system allows administrators to manage it swiftly. The production was efficient and on time. The company reacted to our needs expeditiously and was always willing to help out. A professional ongoing support of the programme, which includes recurrent communication with the participants, allows us to reach our business goals in a pleasant atmosphere.

    Marek Rosłan
    Business Development Manager/Loyalty Partner Polska

  • KISS digital prepared and developed a system, which aims to increase sale representatives efficiency through rivalry. Despite the strict deadlines and tight schedule KISS digital managed to prepare functional mock-ups, graphic design and execute system implementation on time. Communication was at the highest level and the effects of the works have been consulted at every stage. Cooperation resulted in a product that meets all the requirements. We assess cooperation with KISS digital very positively and recommend it to any person expecting excellent results.

    Dawid Ledziński
    Head of Business Development/Loyalty Partner Polska

  • In cooperation with KISS digital, we conducted a detailed audit of RTV Euro AGD newsletters. The aim was to optimize layouts to be consistent across all our communication channels, adapted to the requirements of mobile devices, and improve the conversion rate. KISS prepared an extensive document about the current state of our mailings, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of our previous communication. Through the prism of different businesses, a set of ready to implement recommendations and "best practices" was prepared. Technical specifications were very accurate, which facilitated implementation. In addition, contact with the Project Manager was very good - our questions and doubts were clarified immediately, and all recommendations were based on very specific arguments. Given the scope of the project and the fact that it was executed smoothly and without any delay, I really recommend cooperation with KISS.

    Małgorzata Lipka
    E-mail Marketing Manager/RTV Euro AGD

  • In order to create infographics, we needed a partner who could deliver both great design and top-notch content. We work in an industry which requires specialist knowledge of products and categories from everybody we work with. KISS got up to speed with the industry very quickly and that’s crucial when creating the best quality product. KISS was responsible for the whole process of preparing the graphics. From the content, through models showcasing how ideas will be implemented, to the actual design and HTML. The cooperation went very smoothly, they’ve responded to our queries very quickly, and never gave up on looking for newer, more creative solutions.

    Tomasz Pietrzak
    Digital Marketing Manager/NN Investment Partners TFI