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Android Developer

When she was a little girl she pictured herself as a geologist or an oceanographer, but then, somehow, she pursued a master’s degree in Italian philology. She still loves languages, but you all know how awkward talking to people gets sometimes, so she decided to start talking to computers instead. This and the fact that one day she attended a programming workshop and thought: "Why the hell have you been hiding all this fun from me?" She's a proud mother of twins, a girl and a boy. This means that she hasn't really slept or drunk hot beverages at home since September 2015. Nevertheless, a mix of maternal love, Stockholm syndrome, and gratitude for always having a handy excuse for everything ("sorry, can't go, kids") make her want to take countless photos of her twins and then show them to anyone passing by. Her strong will prevents her from doing so. But, according to the concept of ego depletion, willpower resources are limited and that's why she compulsively buys books and opens tabs in Chrome, even though she will never have time to read them. She used to go to the cinema a lot, now she only binge-watches British or Scandinavian crime series on Netflix and develops Repertuar Kin, while sobbing uncontrollably. In terms of tomatoes, she's on the tomato-loving side.