Client Adrol
What has been done Mobile app (Android), Web development, UX/UI & Graphic design, Marketing
Technology we used React, Symfony, Java
Date May 2017


One of the biggest challenges of this project was to adapt the system to the needs of the users who are not accustomed to using the latest technologies on a daily basis. Part of the commonly used solutions was incomprehensible for end users, therefore the whole app was eventually redesigned. It was also challenging to prepare a system of commands for a free app which had to be simple and comprehensible, yet also attractive to use.


Thanks to User-Centered Design, we managed to create a tool which is easy to use even for the first-time users. It is an intuitive tool which prompts a quick contact between lessors and lessees.

Employee picture
Due to the specific target group, creating an agricultural services exchange was extremely interesting. The whole team had to learn to consider users who are not accustomed to standard solutions. It applied to all stages of work and all team members, not only designers.

Anna Grabowska / Project Manager

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