Case study

E-marketing manual for RTV Euro AGD

Client RTV Euro AGD
What has been done UX/UI & Graphic design
Technology we used HTML, CSS
Date December 2015

The challenge

Our task was to create an e-marketing communication concept for RTV Euro AGD chain in the form of a clear manual. We wanted to develop a tool which would be easy to use and would make the whole communication coherent. It served as a base for graphic designers, marketing specialists and everyone else who was involved in the e-marketing strategy.

The analysis

We began working on this project by carefully studying the brand’s Corporate Identity and analyzing a report on the current strategy.

Employee picture
My role was to define all tasks, supervise their implementation and be in touch with the client. I was also responsible for preparing guidelines and proposals for new emails. It was a great opportunity to test our knowledge, quickly confront theory with practice, discuss the suggested solutions and recommend the most optimal ones.

Kasia / Communications Manager

Mock-ups and the design

We used the data from the report (mainly heat maps and attention maps), as well as our expertise, to prepare functional mockups and graphic designs for each type of emails: coupons, catalogs, promos of the day, local promotions, special offers, bestsellers, and sponsored emails.

Guidelines and technical specifications

Once the client accepted our mock-ups and designs, we went on to preparing communication guidelines. We came up with instructions and examples of a properly formulated content, correct tone, as well as the choice of words. We also included a set of technical specifications to ease direct mail campaigns.

In cooperation with KISS digital, we conducted a detailed audit of RTV Euro AGD newsletters. The aim was to optimize layouts to be consistent across all our communication channels, adapted to the requirements of mobile devices, and improve the conversion rate. KISS prepared an extensive document about the current state of our mailings, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of our previous communication. Through the prism of different businesses, a set of ready to implement recommendations and "best practices" was prepared. Technical specifications were very accurate, which facilitated implementation. In addition, contact with the Project Manager was very good - our questions and doubts were clarified immediately, and all recommendations were based on very specific arguments. Given the scope of the project and the fact that it was executed smoothly and without any delay, I really recommend cooperation with KISS.

Małgorzata Lipka / E-mail Marketing Manager

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