NN Investment Partners TFI

Client NN Investment Partners TFI
What has been done UX/UI & Graphic design
Technology we used HTML, CSS
Date May 2016

The challenge

Financial institutions in Poland and the EU, money, expansion of the biggest companies – these topics are relevant to everyone. Very often, though, raw data and specialist terminology are too complicated for a layman. Our task was to present the data in an accessible way for the website “Finanse po godzinach”, which aims at educating its audience in the fields of finance and economy.

The process

We prepared five infographics, which purpose was to present the economic processes in an entertaining, yet substantial way. They focused on issues influencing our lives, such as the history of money, the most rapidly developing industries or financial institutions. We made sure that the content was more interesting through the use of adequate color schemes, iconography, graphics, and photos, as well as the distribution of the elements in a way that facilitated reading (also according to how the human eye “scans” information on a screen).

Employee picture
I was responsible for presenting the information visually, in order to make it understandable for the readers. Over the course of this project, I learned not only about the design of infographics, but also - the world of finances. Firstly, I realised how important it was to adequately present information, as without the proper presentation a reader would not be willing to read more, even if the content was useful and interesting to him or her. Secondly, while getting acquainted with the information I was to present on graphics, I learned quite a lot about the economy, big corporations, and money itself.

Martyna / Creative Designer


We were responsible for choosing the topics, developing ideas and graphic designs, and coding the infographics. Thanks to numerous animations and non-standard visualizations, we have achieved the effect we had aimed at. The infographics were accessible and coherent, notwithstanding their individual character.

In order to create infographics, we needed a partner who could deliver both great design and top-notch content. We work in an industry which requires specialist knowledge of products and categories from everybody we work with. KISS got up to speed with the industry very quickly and that’s crucial when creating the best quality product. KISS was responsible for the whole process of preparing the graphics. From the content, through models showcasing how ideas will be implemented, to the actual design and HTML. The cooperation went very smoothly, they’ve responded to our queries very quickly, and never gave up on looking for newer, more creative solutions.

Tomasz Pietrzak / Digital Marketing Manager

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