Case study

Score points with Wedel

What has been done Web development, UX/UI & Graphic design
Technology we used PHP, HTML, CSS
Date February 2016

The challenge

Our aim was to create a loyalty program connecting two well-known brands, Wedel and PAYBACK, in order to enable the users to combine points from both systems. It was created for all shops which sell Wedel products - thanks to the connection with PAYBACK’s API, it was possible to add points from those products to the ones collected in the PAYBACK program. It then made it easier to exchange them for rewards.

The system

Our system had several levels of access, including those for the administrator, sales representatives, and users. We’ve also created a website, loyalty cards, and email template. The whole campaign was enriched by the presence of Warrgor, who fitted very well into Wedel's communication strategy.

Employee picture
As a Product Owner in this project, I was the link between the client and our team. It was a pleasure to work on, especially because of an interesting approach to using PAYBACK points in a B2B setting. It was nice to see how well the system performed and how many points were collected.

Anka / Digital Media Manager

The result

Wargorr became incredibly popular. More than 1500 shops (75% of all invited locations) joined the program since its launch. Altogether, the users collected more than 100,000 points.

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