We keep our ideas simple,
we keep our design simple,
we keep our code simple,
we keep our communication simple.

Web and mobile, POS and Internet Of Things

What we do?

We provide technology solutions to support marketing and sales activities. We create Web & mobile applications, smart watch solutions and POS tools. We also have great experience in connecting virtual and physical worlds - we are experts on Bluetooth Low Energy technology and we participate in a number of projects in the Internet Of Things area.

Why KISS digital?

Because KISS stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid…

The best outcome is often achieved by the simplest means. Such approach is not necessarily obvious, and the results may be not be visible at first glance. We diligently search for new solutions, select the best options, deploy successful methods and then apply them to other projects.

How to contact us?

The KISS way: send us an email at hello@kissdigital.com.