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Client Delikatesy Centrum retail store chain
What has been done information architecture, UX/UI design, graphic design, frontend development, backend development
Technology we used React, Next.js
Date 2021

The Delikatesy Centrum franchise chain includes over 1,300 grocery stores across Poland. In 2019, the chain introduced a new branding of its stores and the brand, therefore, our priority was to prepare a modern, functional, transparent and easy-to-use website.
The website was supposed to be a flagship of the chain and at the same time to provide users with necessary knowledge about current promotional campaigns, the product offer and the locations of the stores.


Our Task

Our job was to design:
- information architecture,
- user experience,
- graphics consistent with current branding.

The most important elements of the website are:
- store finder,
- list of current promotions,
- access to promotional flyers,
- special sections for the client's own brands,
- links to and

In direct cooperation with the client we prepared:
- functional mockups,
- UI kit,
- RWD graphic design (desktop and mobile).

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