Dotpay - Mobile SDK support for online payment system | KISS digital


Client Dotpay
What has been done Technical support, mobile SDK iOS/Android service and development
Technology we used Objective C, Java, Kotlin, Swift
Date Since 2018

Dotpay SA is a popular online payment operator. The system is used for online transfers, credit and debit card payments, smartphone and PayPal payments, it also supports installment purchases. Since 2018, we have been supporting Dotpay's mobile SDK under a service-level agreement (SLA).

The service covers a wide variety of channels, including Google Pay and Apple Pay implemented by us. We are responsible for ongoing bug fixes reported by the client's partners as well as introducing improvements, e.g. to support non-standard payment methods or scenarios. Before introducing changes to the production version, we check each solution using a specially developed test application.

The project we developed from scratch in 2020 was an additional SDK supporting Masterpass Champions Wallet (Mastercard) payments for iOS and Android. We implemented this payment option in Swift and Kotlin. The backend is handled by the payment card provider, the information transfer is mediated by Dotpay, our solution receives the data and then communicates with Dotpay's API. In case of Dotpay the function is integrated but it can be freely integrated into other SDKs.


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