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Client Rankedin
What has been done branding, UX/UI design, mobile app (iOS, Android) development, smartwatch app
Technology we used iOS, Android
Date Since 2018

Sportcam by Rankedin is a free application for streaming broadcasts of any sport on social networks and displaying live scores and time. You can pair it with a smartwatch to update the score in real time.

The idea for the product came from the owner of Rankedin - a comprehensive system for managing games, leagues, scores, etc. It can be used by individual players, clubs, sports competition organizers and even federations.

The brand owner wanted to upgrade it with the feature of presenting live games. That's how Sportcam was created - a system for streaming sports events, from small games and tournaments to big ones. The success of the application made it quickly become an independent product.



The key issues to address were the variety of disciplines supported, the need for a live score display, the clarity of the user experience, and the possibility of sharing videos on social networks through the application.

The interface on the broadcasting side had to be transparent in order to simultaneously manage game scoring and enable effective streaming. The scoreboard was to show the clock, the current score, and the names and colors of the players or teams.



Before implementation, we conducted an in-depth research of libraries that allow streaming on Facebook and Youtube.

In order to stream on the Youtube channel and on the Facebook page or groups, the application had to obtain permissions from Facebook. It was a long process, but in the end we met the high requirements of the website.

In cooperation with the client we worked out the design of individual elements of the application and the new visual identity of Sportscam.


We created a native (Android and iOS) application that is visually attractive and consistent, as well as convenient to use - both for the sportsman and the person managing the broadcast.

An important feature of the app is the ability to connect it to a smartwatch (option available for Android). This way, players do not need a third party to update scores on the scoreboard or handle the broadcast. The app also supports audio.

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In order to stay connected with fans during the COVID-19 pandemic, individual athletes and teams have been looking for ways to make games accessible with limitations on the number of spectators in the stands. Our product answers these needs perfectly.

Sportcam is currently the most popular application in the category of streaming sports events. Each month, the app records several percent increases in the number of downloads in the app stores. The average rating, both in the App Store and on Google Play Store, is now 4.6.

The app is already great, but we are still working on more features.

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