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UX Decalogue: Nielsen's 10 heuristics in practical application

Nielsen heuristics are an important tool supporting work on usability of applications or websites. We give you a brief overview on how they work.

Innovative loyalty programs. How to build relationships with customers through your platform?

Examples of loyalty systems that stand out for their ingenuity and effectiveness.

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Usability audit (UX audit) plays important role in improving the performance of your business website

A UX audit can improve your company's business performance. Check what it is about

Usability has a key impact on the market success of digital products. A lower than expected conversion rate or too high rejection rate should be an impulse to verify the application or website in terms of usability, i.e. to conduct a UX audit.

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Data Matrix Codes and Chestny ZNAK system. What do companies planning to export to Russia need to know?

Rigorous system for tracking products in the supply chain is being developed in Russia. It is called Chestny ZNAK and is based on Data Matrix codes – a type of 2D code.

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SaaS, PaaS, IaaS. Why migrate to the cloud?

We explain what cloud services are, what their types are and what you can gain by deciding to migrate to the cloud.

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Data Matrix and QR. 2D codes as a way to protect brand against counterfeiting

Fighting with counterfeiting of products is becoming a priority for many companies. See how can you protect your brand with use of 2D codes.

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Microservices instead of the monolith. Why you should move away from a monolithic application (and how to do it)

Microservices is an application development model that is increasingly replacing the traditional monolithic architecture. What are the two approaches?

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KISS digital is one of the app development leaders in Poland.

KISS digital Named Among Poland’s Top App Developers for 2021

We have been included in Top App Developer in Poland list created by Clutch B2B platform.

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