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Why so expensive?! How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

You can earn a lot on a mobile app, but first you have to bear considerable development costs for its design and implementation. How much does it actually cost to create a mobile app?

Video content in mobile apps: Why do I see it everywhere?

There are already a few mobile apps built around video analysis, editing, or live streaming that stand out. Here's why.

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Why we stopped using storyboards?

When Apple announced introduction of storyboards in iOS 5 to all of us it seemed like that kind of feature that changes the entire architecture and process of building an iOS app.

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Using the mobile channel with PWAs

Progressive Web Apps are officially here to stay. How are they going to influence the use of the mobile channel in business?

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ASO - Tools & Metrics

The first rule of App Store Optimization is: Never underestimate its power. But how to make sure you’re doing it right? Here’s the answer.

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Image Analysis Apps - How Do They Work?

Thanks to technologically-advanced solutions, it is now possible to turn a smartphone into a powerful image analysis tool. How exactly?

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How To Write a Top-notch App Description

A good first impression can’t be made twice. Here's how to write a great app description.

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Best App Marketing Tips To Launch And Promote Your Mobile App

Is your mobile app ready to launch? Congrats, the most difficult part is already behind you. Almost. It’s high time to learn more about mobile app marketing!

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Progressive Web Apps or Native Apps - Which to choose for your business?

Although they have been around for a few years now, Progressive Web Apps have gained popularity only recently. Where did all the fuss come from and is it actually worth developing PWAs?

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The Fundamentals of App Store Optimization (ASO)

Even the best mobile apps won’t end up successful if no one’s there to use them. The aim of App Store Optimization is to avoid exactly that. Here’s how to do it properly.

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