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Single PAge Application SPA


Single-page application: how SPA works and how it differs from MPA

Single-page application (SPA) is an application that suits our times: fast, "light", user-friendly and ensuring a high level of user experience. We explain how SPA differs from multi-page application (MPA), what are its strengths and where it works best.

We say goodbye to Adobe Flash

The end of the nightmare. Farewell to Adobe Flash

Flash is definitely going out of date. Adobe will stop supporting this technology from December 31st. Flash files will also be blocked by web browsers. Websites, companies and institutions that have not managed to replace this standard with newer solutions may face problems.

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Native app or cross-platform

Native or Cross-Platform App: Which should you choose?

From the user standpoint, the mobile app should provide a solution to the specific problem accompanied by good user experience. The creators want to achieve business goals and generate ROI. All of these things depend greatly on technology used when developing an app.

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Web applications: what are they and how can they help you grow your business?

Web applications are systems operating within a web browser. They can support business activities or be business itself. We explain how they differ from websites, what problems they help to solve and what benefits they bring to companies.

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Mobile app pricing. How to estimate mobile app development cost?

When ordering the creation of a mobile app, it is worth knowing not only its estimated cost, but also the way in which the estimation is carried out.

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How to prepare a page for Google Page Experience update?

Core Web Vitals is a set of new Google Page Experience signals. It is to be implemented within a year. How should companies prepare their websites for the new Google algorithm update and why is UX becoming more and more important for business?

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React.js in practice. We talk about our projects

In one of the previous articles we wrote about the advantages and applications of React.js. This time we'd like to boast about the projects that we managed to complete with this versatile and fantastic Javascript library.

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Fast, flexible and versatile. Why is React.js a business-friendly technology?

It provides a solution to every problem. Accelerates work on the project, helps to save time and money. If you plan to build an interactive web application, React.js provides the perfect answer to your needs.

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Good, versatile and ugly. Why is PHP still alive?

PHP is not popular among the young generation of software developers. It is a programming language with a long history, which involves a number of outdated solutions. It lacks grace, consistency and is no longer state-of-the-art. However, it has a fundamental advantage: you can solve almost any problem with it.

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Video content in mobile apps: Why do I see it everywhere?

There are already a few mobile apps built around video analysis, editing, or live streaming that stand out. Here's why.

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Time and Material Contracts: Model of Formula 1

What do you think when you hear a phrase the Time & Material? My answer is F1. Yes, F1 racing series. Let me tell you why.

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The capital of the strongest DEV-characters

Polish character traits like determination, accuracy and incredible persistence are the key to understand why developers from Poland are one of the best in the world.

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SVM – Using machine learning for image analysis

By taking advantage of advanced algorithms, it’s now possible to build innovative products, such as image analysis apps. How exactly?

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Why Xamarin Does Not Suit All Your Needs

Xamarin has a potential of speeding up development, being an inexpensive option for business. But cheap is not always the best when we need quality, stability and long-term maintenance. Let's explore potential downsides to using Xamarin as a development tool.

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Modern Android Development after Google I/O 2018

What are the key takeaways for Android developers after this year's Google I/O? tl;dr on improvements that you shouldn't miss.

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