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Usability audit (UX audit) plays important role in improving the performance of your business website


A UX audit can improve your company's business performance. Check what it is about

Usability has a key impact on the market success of digital products. A lower than expected conversion rate or too high rejection rate should be an impulse to verify the application or website in terms of usability, i.e. to conduct a UX audit.

Project discovery phase is one of key elements of software project development

Discovery phase. In search of the perfect product

The discovery phase is a process of gathering and analyzing data in order to establish an enterprise's goal, potential and limitations. What are the benefits of the discovery phase and when do you need to employ one?

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Ergonomic home office. How to work from home and not get hurt

Home office is a great option not only for the time of COVID-19 pandemic. However, to make your home a comfortable and an effective workplace, you should take care of ergonomics. How to do that? We have taken expert advice to answer this question.

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Good work is teamwork. How to efficiently implement advanced IT projects?

Successful IT products are a result of harmonious teamwork. The technological competence of the contractor is only one element of the puzzle. Proper coordination of activities, substantive communication and appropriate selection of people influencing the shape of the project are also essential for final success. How to ensure that things go well and the project is successful?

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How to prepare your office for work after “quarantine”?

The epidemic is gradually dying out. The government loosens restrictions, the economy begins to recover and companies are getting ready to return to offices. However, it is not just about turning the key in the lock (or entering the code). The workplace must be prepared for the new sanitary regime. We suggest how to take care of employees' health and organize office work in times of pestilence.

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Read It If You Want To Manage Projects Like KISS digital Does

A few days ago, Anka, our Senior Project Manager, carried out a training session for our employees. She presented the essentials of KISS project management method, which allows her to manage all projects like a pro. And here's how she does it, step by step.

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Laz^H^H^H Slack Time!

There are always periods when personnel is less overloaded and, frankly, doing nothing. The question is, how and in what manner do companies manage this slack time by design? And how does it look at KISS digital?

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