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Overplanning vs. overdoing: KISS gets the right direction

The software development market is struggling from the inside with two extremes: Overplanning and overdoing. I want to give you a quick look at both sides of the coin because neither of them is good for your product.


A simple example: Client wants to develop an MVP version of the product. The MVP version of the potential product. No aspiration to be the next Facebook, Twitter, Uber, etc. Just wanting to check the idea in the real existing solution. Nothing more. The client sent a request to a software house, waits a couple of hours (or days...) and receives the response from Super Senior Account Executive Master. The Yoda says:

"Thanks for (bla, bla, bla), but we have to analyze your scope if you have one. Honestly, it'd be better to have it. Let's talk about all the details tomorrow? I will send you my availability in the next e-mail."

Three or more sentences which don't ask about the central question: "Dear software house, can you help me?" How often you get those? Too often. A salesperson tries to be professional but forgets about one of the most important things: Be helpful. Clients don't have to have and understand all the technical and business aspects of their ideas. They can be wrong, and they can have a real revolutionary concept. You don't know what exactly is waiting for you around the corner. You expect someone to send you the map of the next, three necessary steps, which you have to take towards the client. Of course, the best scenario is when the client will send you the map and a special calendar invitation. Seriously?

When the account person leaped, and you see the idea of the project, it sometimes creates the next boundaries. Analysis of the scope, lack of the range, the misunderstanding of the scope and scheduling the next two, three or more meetings, because: "Everything should be clear." And, I remember the case when the client asked someone:

"OK, cool guys, but do you understand that I don't want to build the Falcon Millenium or other spacecraft?"

Overdoing: Push, push, push!

In contrast, a client wants to build the Falcon Millenium. Hypothetically. At least, that is the way a salesperson perceives it. Sometimes it's the result of the client's brand. On the other hand, some clients are a better seller than others. So, the problem is when someone begins acting like a wizard, who does not need to follow any rules. The client has a great idea (in his opinion), or he is Mr. Big Shot with great developers, so what could go wrong?

Honestly? Everything. The market remembers great projects that ended in a fiasco because everyone wanted to do something, but didn't know why. On the other hand, sometimes, a client has a significant scope of the project, which includes absolutely everything. So, the project manager decides to do all the things one by one, according to the client's vision. Finally, the Falcon Millenium has an extraordinary hull, shine bodywork, and 360-degree captain's bridge, but it can't fly.

Software development market knows one more scenario that concerns the cons of overdoing. It's creating the new requirements of the requirements, which are based on other requirements. It's the best profession for JIRA master. Please, don't get me wrong, Agile, and right organizing of projects are essential. Despite that sometimes the right person should say:

"Guys, it's simple. Just do it."

Other times the person can ask:

"Dear team, why do we do it?"

Overdoing can also be wrong because we do everything what someone says or because we love complicating the simple tasks.

KISS and trusting the feedback loop

"KISS digital" have individuals who can ask the right questions. We believe the feedback loop is the main filter of excellent cooperation. It allows to protect a client and software house sides against overplanning and overdoing. It's clear for us; the right communication between every team is the key to the ultimate success.

You can always count on us because we try to understand your priorities, expectations, and above all, be helpful from the first contact with us. The precision of communication allows avoiding asking about wrong things and stopping your request on the dead point. You can feel free and ask about everything you want – about the best possible direction for your idea.

Every single project is different, so we can try to get to it individually. We're not afraid to share our experiences and knowledge about software development and business perspective. Every client can be a right partner if we try to understand his desire to create the next Falcon Millenium or smaller but the best' bipper' app in the world. Okay, the 'bipper' is a joke, but trust us, it does not matter what you think about your idea on the market. If you have a simple dream, we want to try to give it the right direction to it. Keep it simple!

Krzysztof Kołacz

Content Marketing Manager.