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Data Matrix. The undiscovered marketing potential of 2D codes

2D codes can be used for marketing and sales support, thereby significantly increasing company revenue. We explain how to do it.

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UX design and usability testing both play crucial role in your product market success

Why usability is key to your digital product success?

Usability is the king. Why do we put usability in the spotlight?

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Project discovery phase is one of key elements of software project development

Discovery phase. In search of the perfect product

The discovery phase is a process of gathering and analyzing data in order to establish an enterprise's goal, potential and limitations. What are the benefits of the discovery phase and when do you need to employ one?

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Time and Materials contracts, as opposed to Fixed Price model adjusts better to change in the process

Time and Materials Contracts: Model of Formula 1

What do you think when you hear a phrase the Time & Material? My answer is F1. Yes, F1 racing series. Let me tell you why.

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Single PAge Application SPA

Single-page application: how SPA works and how it differs from MPA

Single-page application (SPA) is an application that suits our times: fast, "light", user-friendly and ensuring a high level of user experience. We explain how SPA differs from multi-page application (MPA), what are its strengths and where it works best.

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We say goodbye to Adobe Flash

The end of the nightmare. Farewell to Adobe Flash

Flash is definitely going out of date. Adobe will stop supporting this technology from December 31st. Flash files will also be blocked by web browsers. Websites, companies and institutions that have not managed to replace this standard with newer solutions may face problems.

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Native app or cross-platform

Native or Cross-Platform App: Which should you choose?

From the user standpoint, the mobile app should provide a solution to the specific problem accompanied by good user experience. The creators want to achieve business goals and generate ROI. All of these things depend greatly on technology used when developing an app.

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How to protect your business idea?

How to protect your business idea from being stolen (and what to do if it happens)?

Business idea is worth protecting. The risk of it being stolen is not high, but if the theft occurs, the costs may be overwhelming. We explain how you can protect your business idea and intellectual property.

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