Video content in mobile apps: Why do I see it everywhere?

There are already a few mobile apps built around video analysis, editing, or live streaming that stand out. Here's why.

Time and Material Contracts: Model of Formula 1

What do you think when you hear a phrase the Time & Material? My answer is F1. Yes, F1 racing series. Let me tell you why.

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The capital of the strongest DEV-characters

Polish character traits like determination, accuracy and incredible persistence are the key to understand why developers from Poland are one of the best in the world.

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SVM – Using machine learning for image analysis

By taking advantage of advanced algorithms, it’s now possible to build innovative products, such as image analysis apps. How exactly?

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Why Xamarin Does Not Suit All Your Needs

Xamarin has a potential of speeding up development, being an inexpensive option for business. But cheap is not always the best when we need quality, stability and long-term maintenance. Let's explore potential downsides to using Xamarin as a development tool.

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Modern Android Development after Google I/O 2018

What are the key takeaways for Android developers after this year's Google I/O? tl;dr on improvements that you shouldn't miss.

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Cross-platform vs Native Mobile App Development - Which To Choose?

Choosing between cross-platform and native apps can be problematic. Read about the differences and the reasons why we rather develop native apps.

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Material Design Android App Onboarding. A Tale From The Front Line

It’s a good UX practice to show your users around when they first launch your app. While developing a mobile app, you can do it in various ways. We decided to opt for progressive user onboarding, as there was some not-so-obvious functionality that we wanted to make sure users get familiar with.

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A Quick Guide To Being Excited About Android O

On March 21, Google released the first of their planned Android O developer previews. Here’s a quick guide to being excited about it.

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Law of Demeter

Law of Demeter is a rule that applies to object-oriented programming. The question is - should we use it while coding or not? Here's the answer.

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