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Ergonomic home office. How to work from home and not get hurt

Home office is a great option not only for the time of COVID-19 pandemic. However, to make your home a comfortable and an effective workplace, you should take care of ergonomics. How to do that? We have taken expert advice to answer this question.

How to prepare your office for work after “quarantine”?

The epidemic is gradually dying out. The government loosens restrictions, the economy begins to recover and companies are getting ready to return to offices. However, it is not just about turning the key in the lock (or entering the code). The workplace must be prepared for the new sanitary regime. We suggest how to take care of employees' health and organize office work in times of pestilence.

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Overplanning vs. overdoing: KISS gets the right direction

The software development market is struggling from the inside with two extremes: Overplanning and overdoing.

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Time and Material Contracts: Model of Formula 1

What do you think when you hear a phrase the Time & Material? My answer is F1. Yes, F1 racing series. Let me tell you why.

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The capital of the strongest DEV-characters

Polish character traits like determination, accuracy and incredible persistence are the key to understand why developers from Poland are one of the best in the world.

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Are Digitalization And Automation Right For Your Business?

We live in an era of digital transformation. But should this be enough to digitize and automate your business processes?

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KISS digital featured among the Top Web Design Companies

We create excellent web and mobile applications and we’re always glad when someone else appreciates our efforts. This time, we were featured at GoodFirms.

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How To Choose The Best Software House (And Why It’s KISS digital)

Let’s be honest, choosing an app development company is tough. Then how not to make any mistakes when searching for the best software house?

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