Are Digitalization And Automation Right For Your Business?

We live in an era of digital transformation. But should this be enough to digitize and automate your business processes?

KISS digital featured among the Top Web Design Companies

We create excellent web and mobile applications and we’re always glad when someone else appreciates our efforts. This time, we were featured at GoodFirms.

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How To Choose The Best Software House (And Why It’s KISS digital)

Let’s be honest, choosing an app development company is tough. Then how not to make any mistakes when searching for the best software house?

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Keep The Internet Weird aka Net Neutrality Primer For The Confused

In July 2016 the U.N. declared access to the Internet a human right, stressing the importance of “providing and expanding access to the internet and for the internet to be open, accessible and nurtured.” Fast forward a year, you may have heard about the necessity to defend net neutrality. What's been going on?

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