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Making software with love

We, developers at KISS, love to build. Which is the reason why we also love developing software – it’s an exciting and challenging process of continual building. So we build mobile applications for iOS and Android as well as rich web applications and web pages. All with passion and engagement.

Development by numbers

15 committed software developers backed up by 3 QAs and 3 PMs

43 mobile apps

44 444 hours of experience and counting

3 B2B systems and 1 EDM system

More than 50 RWD web sites

195 bitbucket’s repositories, 47 341 Jira tasks

Development by numbers

Thumb up
1 goal
to be the best!

Our programmers are web & mobile experts

We develop our mobile projects using Swift and Objective-c for iOS, Java for Android and, if it fits our needs well, PhoneGap or Xamarin. As for web, our backend developers prefer to use PHP with Symfony or Laravel, backed by MySQL and they like the support of tools written in NodeJS. On the other hand, our frontend specialists tend to use Bootstrap, AngularJS and jQuery. An entire workflow, however, includes LESS, Gulp, git, Teamcity, and other magic items.

We use SCRUM and that’s why

The answer is easy like one, two, three: SCRUM gets all team members involved in finding solutions and learning with each sprint. From our perspective this is the most efficient way to solve problems and keep projects on track. A systematic and smooth data flow helps everybody in the team to be well informed and also makes any difficulties easier to deal with. The sprint planning process lets us meticulously analyse further steps and avoid surprises in the future. And last, but not least, SCRUM is all about delivering product versions to clients fast and frequently.

Download our Scrum Book (PDF, polish version)

In-House programming and Outsourcing

Though we can run projects from the very beginning till the implementation and maintenance, we also offer “simple” software development services. Depending on your needs, you can give us a job to do with a “white-label” agreement or you can outsource our developers.

See our outsourcing collaboration path.

Different businesses, same - high quality

We work with little startups and huge corporations from many business areas