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Cloud services

Expert cloud services, Amazon Web Services. Advisory, planning, migration and support.

Serverless solutions

Web and mobile applications designed to run within cloud infrastructure and optimally utilizing cloud services offered by AWS®.

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Migration to cloud

Content delivery optimization that reduces load time for end-users and preparing your software for variable/high traffic.

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Delivering applications with high reliability, consistency, efficiency, and using minimum resources.

Monolith to microservices transformation

Monolith services usually are not a design fault - there are thousands of reasons why an app is designed as a monolith. Anyway, the monolith can be deployed in a microservices-like way.

Continuous deployment

Build & Deployment optimization for projects developed by your partners, resulting in reduced build to deploy time and releasing software with greater speed and frequency.

Cloud experts

Paweł Pyrczak

Senior DevOps Engineer