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We design beautiful experiences

We combine strategy, design, and technology by creating solutions that support businesses and engage users.

We draw on everything that has a screen*

Native, hybrid, responsive, web... Our interfaces are created to make your product attractive, usable, and more intuitive.

* And everything that we draw, we can also produce :)

We analyze intuitiveness and usability

We test different concepts at the early stages of projects. This way we can verify the architecture, functionality, and the key paths which users will follow in your application or web service.

First we think, then we do

We analyse current processes comprehensively and suggest changes if they are necessary or possible from the point of view of efficiency / economics / ergonomics / technologies available. Then we design and build the tools to deliver the best quality products.

Different businesses, same - high quality

We work with little startups and huge corporations from many business areas

They chose us:

  • We wanted to build an iOS and Android application for clients through which they could apply for factoring. KISS digital came highly recommended by another client and did not disappoint. Good project management and high-quality product development have ensured that KISS digital continues working with them on maintenance and additional feature development.

    Piotr Borysiuk / Agile Coach & PM Team Leader / Idea Money

  • Since we often organize HR conferences and events, we needed a tool that would make event management easier. KISS digital met our expectations and created a solution tailored to our needs. The team is very committed and responsive, and the client doesn't feel left alone - even when difficulties arise. I can fully recommend KISS digital as a great partner to work with.

    Kaja Pryczkowska / Junior Customer Experience Specialist / Grupa Pracuj

  • We have an ongoing project and weren’t happy with the software partner that we were involved with initially, so we made a very bold decision to take a significant risk and change our software team to KISS digital. To our delight, everything went smoothly. They work quickly and with very high standards, they are a reliable team and always think ahead. We love their motto "Keep It Simple, Stupid". We would highly recommend KISS as a developer to fix any software to the highest quality.

    Rozene McCluggage / Head of Administration / SharesInside Ltd

  • Together with KISS we’ve created Poland’s first monitoring and planning system for merchandising. KISS digital was responsible for the graphic design of a mobile app which allows its users to complete tasks assigned by sales representatives. Since its development, the app has been successfully introduced to many companies and now hundreds of merchandisers use it on a daily basis. The results of this cooperation are more than just a one-off product release – we are constantly improving the system and expanding the app itself by adding new modules. KISS’s involvement and vast knowledge enabled us to add more advanced features, such as the ability to connect the mobile app to printers. We can highly recommend working with KISS digital. They are professionals who are not scared of new challenges and who can – and should – be trusted with long-term projects.

    Łukasz Konina / Co-Founder / SALESCOM - Merchassistant

  • KISS digital has designed and developed a mobile app for three different systems: iOS, Android, and Windows. This functional and useful tool facilitates the work of doctors by calculating patients’ results. The pace of the design and development process was nothing short of incredible. KISS digital’s employees have provided us with advice and support at every stage of the production. The app is not only suited to the users’ needs, but it is also crafted with each of the system’s idiosyncrasies in mind. I can highly recommend KISS digital as a reliable and dedicated technological partner.

    Monika Giergielewicz / Pharma Sales Manager DE&CEE / Elsevier

  • I can fully recommend programming services provided by KISS digital. During our cooperation, not only have we fulfilled our plans in their entirety, but we have also learned a great deal. Our recommendation of KISS digital is based on our appreciation for their professionalism and phenomenal contact during introducing new topics. Most importantly, though, they are a solid partner and a true guarantor of reliability and high quality. We also have to thank their team for all the help and involvement in creating yet another great project. We hope that their help will be instrumental to the success of our operation and will allow us to reap the benefits of our actions.

    Daniel Gosiewski / Owner / AgroDeal

  • KISS digital helped us in creating a sales support system for Wedel’s trading partners. KISS was responsible for both printed promotional materials used during the launch of the programme, as well as creating the platform for participants. Thanks to the experience and involvement of KISS digital’s employees the system is intuitive and easy to use for the participants. Also, a dedicated CMS system allows administrators to manage it swiftly. The production was efficient and on time. The company reacted to our needs expeditiously and was always willing to help out. A professional ongoing support of the programme, which includes recurrent communication with the participants, allows us to reach our business goals in a pleasant atmosphere.

    Marek Rosłan / Business Development Manager / Loyalty Partner Polska

  • KISS digital prepared and developed a system, which aims to increase sale representatives efficiency through rivalry. Despite the strict deadlines and tight schedule KISS digital managed to prepare functional mock-ups, graphic design and execute system implementation on time. Communication was at the highest level and the effects of the works have been consulted at every stage. Cooperation resulted in a product that meets all the requirements. We assess cooperation with KISS digital very positively and recommend it to any person expecting excellent results.

    Dawid Ledziński / Head of Business Development / Loyalty Partner Polska

  • As a result of collaboration with KISS digital, a responsive web application was created. Prepared materials meet the expectations of accessibility and usability. UX specialists prepared simple, modern solutions, which look spectacular and clearly on both mobile and desktop devices. The dedicated development team working under the supervision of experienced Project Manager was very efficient, which resulted in a timely completion of the project. We find KISS digital to be a professional business partner to develop IT product that meets the highest standards.

    Piotr Szczęsny / Board Member / PTE Orange Polska

  • KISS digital developed a dedicated solution which responds to the needs of even most complex tasks in our organization. During the cooperation, Project Manager has demonstrated excellent skills in preparing and running the project. A team of professionals responds quickly to emerging changes (resulting from internal and external environment needs). We appreciate the collaboration with KISS digital and will turn to them in the case of similar projects without hesitation.

    Przemysław J. Sulich / CEO / A1 Europe

  • In cooperation with KISS digital, we conducted a detailed audit of RTV Euro AGD newsletters. The aim was to optimize layouts to be consistent across all our communication channels, adapted to the requirements of mobile devices, and improve the conversion rate. KISS prepared an extensive document about the current state of our mailings, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of our previous communication. Through the prism of different businesses, a set of ready to implement recommendations and "best practices" was prepared. Technical specifications were very accurate, which facilitated implementation. In addition, contact with the Project Manager was very good - our questions and doubts were clarified immediately, and all recommendations were based on very specific arguments. Given the scope of the project and the fact that it was executed smoothly and without any delay, I really recommend cooperation with KISS.

    Małgorzata Lipka / E-mail Marketing Manager / RTV Euro AGD

  • In order to create infographics, we needed a partner who could deliver both great design and top-notch content. We work in an industry which requires specialist knowledge of products and categories from everybody we work with. KISS got up to speed with the industry very quickly and that’s crucial when creating the best quality product. KISS was responsible for the whole process of preparing the graphics. From the content, through models showcasing how ideas will be implemented, to the actual design and HTML. The cooperation went very smoothly, they’ve responded to our queries very quickly, and never gave up on looking for newer, more creative solutions.

    Tomasz Pietrzak / Digital Marketing Manager / NN Investment Partners TFI