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Video content in mobile apps: Why do I see it everywhere?

Let's face it: video content is here to stay. And that's great news. The more popularity it gains, the more willingly entertainment market, VOD (Video on demand) brands, software developers, and finally app investors experiment with it. In fact, there are already a few mobile apps built around video analysis, editing, or live streaming that stand out. Here's why.

Why is video content so popular nowadays?

Because it engages audiences like no other content format. And, how many times do you grab your phone and open Instagram Stories, YouTube, or Netflix app? Which premiere is more important to you: The Stranger Things Season 3 or a new book of your favourite writer? Apart from being an interactive medium (especially if you take into account the ability to share, comment and react to a live stream across social media platforms), it also helps you convey your message more effectively and in an attractive manner. Plus, somehow it also prompts desired actions - that is of course if the call-to-action is clear enough.

But the current state of affairs makes the users more demanding when it comes to mobile apps. They are more interested in valuable and richer experiences, and they don't engage with just any app. E.g., Netflix starts creating the new, interactive productions, which demand using the mobile app by a viewer to experience it fully. The example of such production is 'Bandersnatch.' The owners of VOD services, like Showmax, know very well that they have to draw viewers' attention. The excellent way to do it is a simple way, like banner ads in apps, which can promote the newest TV series or original productions. This solution is not the most frequently chosen, but we know it can bring perfect results.

That's why, if you're about to develop your app, it may be necessary to incorporate video content into it. Luckily, you can do it in several ways.

How to incorporate video content into your mobile app?

There's no doubt that videos can help you enhance user experience and deepen engagement - both inside and outside the mobile app. You can use videos to promote your product, improve the onboarding process for new users, demonstrate how they should use the app, announce new features that are being rolled out, or simply provide premium content to some of the users. Of course, you can also develop VOD app. Who's to say you can't?

How about taking it to the next level and building your app around video content, though? The most popular apps revolve around a few features in particular:

  1. Video editing. Since it became possible to record and broadcast-quality videos with the use of a smartphone, it was only a matter of time before video editing apps appeared. In the coming era of iPadOS and current iPads Pro, developers create incredible mobile apps for video editing. These apps can use the maximum power of iPads Pro and provide the same experiences as typical desktop software, like Final Cut Pro or iMovie. The best tool in this decade is LumaFusion. You don't need powerful and ridiculously expensive software to edit your video footage. These mobile apps can also do a pretty impressive job with it.

  2. Speaking of sports, mobile apps that use image and video analysis can also help immensely in athlete development. To put it, it's the process of recording motion and gaining useful insights from it. Now, analyzing video footage yourself, it may be difficult and time-consuming, but if you have a specialized mobile app - it basically does it all for you. Actually, such mobile apps can not only become your coach but also be a referee - just like iChallenge does it for tennis players. Thanks to careful image and video analysis, it enables precise line calling on any tennis court and eliminates bad judgment calls during the game.

  3. Live streaming. It's not just any video content that is extremely popular these days - video streaming definitely contributes to its success. Smartphone owners can now easily watch videos and stream live at any time, from any place in the world. And this is something that pretty much any business can take advantage of - if only there's a good idea and a decent user base behind it. Take SportCam (by Rankedin), as an example. It serves racquet sports players and clubs, allowing them to create an event, get together, and stream the game live to Facebook or YouTube - with scores that are being entered in real-time and visible throughout the whole match. Read more about SportCam.

Specific improvements in technology made it possible to feature videos pretty much everywhere. No wonder - video content, especially if streamed live, can be a powerful tool in enhancing brand awareness and boosting user engagement. It proved to be effective both outside, and inside mobile apps, that's why, if you have an idea on how to use video content in your app, it may be high time to bring it to life. Let us help you.

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Content Marketing Manager.