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  1. We are KISS
    Less is more
  2. Really friendly atmosphere
    Ask our employees
  3. SCRUM
    Our projects are perfectly organised
  1. Medical
    We offer private healthcare
  2. Fresh fruit
    They are available throughout the week
  3. Flexible working hours
    Just don't forget about scrum meetings
  1. Training
    We run training courses regularly
  2. Slack time
    We give you time to learn new technologies
  3. R&D
    See our iChallenge.mobi or Loxet.io solutions
  1. Mac users
    We work on Apple computers
  2. Knowledge
    We support getting new skills
  3. Development
    We are constantly looking for new routes

Work environment

We work on computers running OS X. They are equipped with fast SSD’s and loads of memory, which make them excellent machines for development purposes. Every employee has the freedom to choose their favourite IDE (Eclipse, NetBeans, Zend Studio, etc.), their preferred keyboard and mouse combo, and the number of monitors according to individual preferences :) We use GIT to keep track of developed software versions, while internal files exchange is provided by a network disk matrix. We do not skimp on tools and services supporting our work.

Knowledge and training

We care about our employees' knowledge and development. We regularly organize both internal and external training to expand our competence in software engineering, design or project management. We have a constantly growing library of professional literature, as well as a corporate WIKI used to collect and share knowledge. We encourage our designers and developers to broaden their skillset and experience by implementing projects using unorthodox solutions and taking the path less travelled.

Project management

To manage our projects we use SCRUM, adapted to suit our individual requirements. It is supported by JIRA and Asana - brilliant and highly flexible tools that we use not only for project management, but also in many other aspects of our business (bugtracking, CRM, recruitment, etc.). Efficient execution of all tasks is supervised by a Product Owner, whose favourite part of a day are project dailies :)

Research and development

We track and test all new technologies and solutions that could be used in our business. Leap Motion, VR, Bluetooth beacons, NFC, Apple Watch, and Smart TV are only some of many gadgets that ended up on our desks. In addition, we also develop our own hardware solutions.

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