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ASO - Tools & Metrics

The first rule of App Store Optimization is: Never underestimate its power.

ASO is a process of optimizing your app store product page in order to influence app store ranking and increase the visibility of an app which, in turn, should drive more traffic and more downloads. But how to come up with a proper App Store Optimization strategy and see whether it’s paying off? The key is to choose relevant KPIs and measure the app’s performance accordingly, with the use of ASO tools.

App Store Optimization - Main criteria

The first thing to consider is that in an app store, your app is judged based on different criteria. The most important factors are its visibility, attractiveness, and quality (and we have already explained that part on our blog). Each of them comes with several KPIs, that can help you measure how well your app is performing. And here they are, in detail.


It’s basically the indicator of how well your app store product page is optimized. To put it simply - the better your ASO strategy, the higher your app ranks in an app store. And being visible to potential users is definitely something to strive for, as more exposure and attention will eventually increase the traffic and hopefully get you more downloads.

Although a place in an app store ranking pretty much says it all, there are some metrics that you should take into account:


This criterion tells you whether all visuals and app description are appealing enough to encourage the users to download the app. If they do - these KPIs will reflect that:


Most app developers focus on conversions, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But ultimately, the app’s quality affects its ratings, which is an important app store ranking factor. Not to mention that there is no point in investing in App Store Optimization if you’re not sure whether the app is good. The following indicators can actually prove that:

App Store Optimization - Tools

Good news is that you can access some app analytics from your Developer account in the App Store, or take advantage of Google Analytics. If you’re looking for more exhaustive reports, though, use dedicated App Store Optimization tools. Here are our favorites:

When it comes to ASO, your efforts can be challenging to measure. But setting specific objectives and using proper App Store Optimization tools to track their completion is extremely helpful. Especially if you do it regularly and adjust the strategy if necessary. There is no single guide when it comes to ASO, that’s why it’s always recommended to optimize, take advantage of A/B testing, and analyze the results.

And if you need any help with your ASO strategy in the meantime, you can always ask.


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