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Mobile app pricing. How to estimate mobile app development cost?

When ordering the creation of a mobile application, it is worth knowing not only its estimated cost, but also the way in which the estimation is carried out. A company that focuses on a partnership approach to the client should provide a detailed discussion and a clear overview of expenses related to software development.

How much does it cost to develop a mobile application? This is one of those questions, the answer to which depends on numerous "input data". Clients ask it constantly, and we try to provide the best possible explanations. However, we have to ask a lot of detailed questions ourselves first.

In a separate text we tried to explain the basic dependencies in this area and the factors that affect the cost of mobile app development. This time we wanted to broaden the topic with the question of the mobile app valuation: how it goes, what it covers and what it depends on.

Mobile application valuation – 3 key elements that it depends on

Our experience shows that there are three factors that determine the efficient valuation of an application:

1) The stage the client's project is currently at

The situation is different when the client has a brief vision of what they are going to do, and otherwise when they have a clear action plan or even a finished graphic design. The first case is obviously the biggest challenge. At this stage it is difficult to create a reliable valuation, as it is not entirely clear what is to be done. Thus, it is better to make the project more precise and to come back to the issue of valuation with more specific guidelines.

2) Details of the brief

Brief is the basis for a reliable valuation. The more accurate is the description of functions and characteristics of planned solutions, the more accurate will be the cost estimate. Precise brief also allows us to assess the feasibility of the client's requirements. Some ideas may turn out to be unnecessary, unfeasible or ineffective from a business perspective. Their elimination at the valuation stage means cost savings for the client, sometimes very significant.

3) Knowledge of the project business environment

This is the whole context of the project related to:

Clients, for understandable reasons, do not always want to share this type of information, especially at the first contact with the agency. We can honestly assure you of our discretion, but that is not enough. The problem is solved by the NDA, the confidentiality agreement. This is a document that obliges us not to share client information with third parties. An additional guarantee of security in the scope of data protection entrusted to us by the client is ensured by our ISO/IEC 27001 certificate and the related set of procedures that we apply.

Knowing the business background of the project is important insofar as we strive to be a partner of the client and support them at every stage of cooperation. This means that we do not pursue ideas that seem unprofitable. We try to advise the client and suggest what solutions can bring them greater benefit and generate lower costs.

What does the process of valuation of the mobile application look like and what does it consist of?

In order to start the process you need a brief – a description of the project. The more accurate it is, the better for both sides. Anyway, we need some time to read it. Then we prepare questions to the client. Usually they are necessary as it is rarely the case that there is no doubt.

We can do this by e-mail, but it is always more fun to meet. It is easier to discuss details, analyze nuances and draw factual conclusions in real life. It is also good to get to know each other before starting a cooperation.

Once we have enough detailed data, we move on to cost analysis. The valuation of a mobile application essentially involves three stages of work.

1) Conceptual and graphic stage

It covers:

2) Programming

This is the most expensive part of the process. In the valuation we break this stage down into platforms, because we usually create native applications, i.e. solutions for a specific operating system (as opposed to crossplatform ones). In the case of mobile applications these are of course iOS and Android. In both variants, the valuation also includes creating a backend – a server environment allowing the mobile application to connect to servers and exchange data.

4) Testing and implementation

This is the final stage of the project. The mobile application will not be ready until we test it. In fact, we do this all the time during programming, but the final version of the system must be tested. (Obviously, the tests must also be carried out on the client's side, but this is not included in the valuation :) When the mobile application is ready, we place it on the server and in Google Play store or AppStore.

Why should the valuation of a mobile application be detailed and transparent?

In KISS digital we do our best to make the valuation of mobile application as transparent as possible. For example, in the development valuation we include individual functions that the application contains. In a separate section we describe the registration function, in another one logging in and in the following: password reminder, calendar, scanning of QR codes, etc.

Such a detailed and transparent approach has two important advantages.

First of all, it allows the client to be sure that all the functions they ordered will be included in the cost estimate. The client knows what they are paying for.

Secondly, it provides flexibility in planning the work. Under these conditions it becomes easier to move selected elements to other stages of the project, delete them or add new, unforeseen ones.

Transparency is also provided by the way costs are calculated. We present them in the form of the number of working hours per individual specialists or the man-days, multiplied by the rate of specific people.

How long do I have to wait for an application quote?

This depends primarily on the precision of the brief as well as the pace of responding to our doubts and discussing the details of the work during the meeting or remotely. We usually manage to provide a preliminary cost overview within a week.

Do you want to create a mobile application? Choose a company that cares about partnership and transparency!

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